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Re: [workaround] doxygen segfaults on kfreebsd-*, hppa

hppa-porters, please take a look whether similar
workaround works also for your pet architecture.
So far at least clp, soprano, schroot are affected.

Dear doxygen maintainer, please apply the workaround bellow,
until the real cause is found.

It looks like it affects also other platforms, only likelihood
is a different. gdcm failed on armel, hppa, kfreebsd-amd64,
powerpc, s390.

Therefore I suggest:

--- qtools/qthread_unix.cpp
+++ qtools/qthread_unix.cpp
@@ -179,6 +179,9 @@
 int QThread::idealThreadCount()
     int cores = -1;
+#if 1
+    return -1;
 #if defined(_OS_MAC_)
     // Mac OS X
     cores = MPProcessorsScheduled();

So far no response from doxygen maintainer, any NMUer ?



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