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IRC Release Team Meeting on Mon, Aug 23rd, 20 UTC

Dear fellow developers,

the Release Team will hold an IRC meeting at #debian-release on irc.debian.org 
on Monday, August 23rd, at 20 UTC.  The following agenda was proposed for the

1) What will be the release architectures for squeeze?
   (hppa, kfreebsd-*, sparc and mips had concerns raised about their releasability.)
2) Which transitions are left for squeeze?  What's their current state?
3) Release Team meeting 2-3 October in Paris: Who's going?
4) What's the state of the Release Notes?
5) Any other business?

We will try to work with a soft deadline of 1h and a hard one of 1,5h.

Later items on the list might be postponed to a later meeting.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
on behalf of the Debian Release Team

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