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Re: apparantly konsole is unusable

On 2010-08-04, Sune Vuorela <nospam@vuorela.dk> wrote:
> There is a bug filed against konsole for reference, but the issue might
> also be in libkpty in kde4libs.

I did a bit further looking

in libkpty (kde4libs/kpty/kpty.c), there is a call to openpty: 
(this is compiled with g++)

  ::openpty( &d->masterFd, &d->slaveFd, ptsn, 0, 0)

(d is a pointer to a struct, d->masterFd is a int, d->slaveFd is a
int, ptsn is a char pointer)

which fails with EINTR (according to errno)

I tried then look at xterm sources, which apparantly doesn't use openpty
by default, but has codepaths to use openpty. I made xterm use the
openpty codepath, and xterm actually worked...

xterm is doing:
  openpty(pty, &opened_tty, ttydev, NULL, NULL);

(pty is a pointer to int, opened_tty is a int, ttydev is a char pointer)

I'm out of clue and/or inspiration.

Luckily x11 ssh forwarding works from asdfasdf


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