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Re: Releasability of the kFreeBSD ports

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 17:52, Axel Beckert <abe@debian.org> wrote:

> * Emacs 23 via remote X doesn't work. No idea why yet.

I haven't debugged it properly either, but the fix suggested in
#559392 of adding this to src/s/gnu-kfreebsd.h works:


That disables code paths like these in keyboard.c:

    /* Determine how many characters we should *try* to read.  */
    #ifdef FIONREAD
      /* Find out how much input is available.  */
      if (ioctl (fileno (tty->input), FIONREAD, &n_to_read) < 0)

And in sysdep.c:

      #ifdef FIONREAD
                            status = ioctl (fd, FIONREAD, &avail);
      #else /* no FIONREAD */
                            /* Hoping it will return -1 if nothing
                               or 0 if all 0 chars requested are read.  */
                            if (proc_buffered_char[fd] >= 0)
                              avail = 1;
                                avail = read (fd, &buf, 1);
                                if (avail > 0)
                                  proc_buffered_char[fd] = buf;
      #endif /* no FIONREAD */

So perhaps it's some glibc or kernel bug related to ioctl()? This
issue is most likely not specific to Emacs.

Has anyone contacted upstream about this bug?

Here's some unrelated issues that I've run into with thu kFreeBSD port
thus far that I haven't found bugs for:

* The debian-installer doesn't ask for a keyboard layout.

* Almost no docs, for solving e.g. that issue. I only found out about
  /etc/kbdcontrol.conf by asking around on IRC. This is to be
  expected, but presumably needs to be fixed before it can go into

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