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knemo - was Re: done: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Missing include in net80211/_ieee80211.h

Please requeue knemo against current kfreebsd-kernel-headers.
No longer fails at the same place with 0.53, but still fails. :)

knemo-0.6.3/src/knemod/syncstats/stats_vnstat.cpp: In member function 'void StatsVnstat::getBtime()':
knemo-0.6.3/src/knemod/syncstats/stats_vnstat.cpp:87: error: 'btm' was not declared in this scope


    struct timeval bootTime;
    size_t len = sizeof( bootTime );
    int mib[2] = { CTL_KERN, KERN_BOOTTIME };

    if ( sysctl( mib, 2, &btm, &len, NULL, 0 ) >= 0 )
        mSysBtime = bootTime.tv_sec;

It should probably be "sysctl( mib, 2, &bootTime, &len, NULL, 0 )".

No my kfreebsd box handy to verify whether it suffices.


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