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Re: Bug#586539: gdm problem fixed

Le samedi 26 juin 2010 à 23:59 +0100, Michael Dorrington a écrit :
> * When gdm does allow keyboard input on boot you can see it running on
> vt2 (ttyv1) (the vt you get from Ctrl-Alt-F2) and not, as expected, vt7
> (ttyv8 ?) (the vt you get from Ctrl-Alt-F7).
> * When gdm doesn't allow keyboard input on boot then when you do the
> Action->"Run XDMCP chooser" trick this starts XDMCP chooser on vt7 and
> if you switch to vt2 it is blank until you press Enter and then the
> login Password prompt appears. Perhaps in this case getty on vt2 has
> been messed up by gdm running on vt2?
> Could there be a race condition on boot between getty on vt2 and gdm on vt2?
> To test this I disabled getty starting on vt2 (ttyv1 in kfreebsd) in
> /etc/inittab and now gdm accepts keyboard input on every boot. So this
> suggests the problem lies with gdm starting on vt2 when it should be
> starting on vt7.
> Note that xdm works every boot on kFreeBSD and runs in vt7.

The TTY manager for gdm doesn’t work on kFreeBSD, so I’m not surprised.

We tried to take kFreeBSD into account when porting the TTY manager to
gdm3, so I’d appreciate if you could test this package instead - this is
the default for squeeze installations now. We are not going to introduce
many things in gdm 2.20 from now.

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