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Bug#585767: Dependencies on linux-gnu or not+linux-gnu do not match armel or powerpcspe correctly

* Julian Andres Klode | 2010-06-21 23:09:47 [+0200]:

>Architecture wildcards should not be used prior to Squeeze + 1. They are
>currently not implemented by APT and other programs using libapt-pkg to
Depending on linux-gnu breaks armel and powerpcspe. The former is a
release arch, reason enough to do something about it :)
Opening bug reports to replace linux-gnu with linux is not optimal
because I have to do the same thing to replace it with linux-any. So it
is more work for the package maintainer and the porter. Plus if you ban
linux-any for now then every one in debian-ports will ask a couple of
package maintainer to add their architecture to the specific package
(and replace it later with linux-any).
So I don't think it is a good idea to push especially since there are a
few packages using it.

>I do not know whether we already have a bug report about it in APT; and
>I do not know whether the other packages have bug reports; it would be
>great if someone could take a look at this, so the toolchain can be
>fixed to support wildcards before we start using them.
acpid has linux-any in its arch field and it works.
gxine has linux-any in its build-depends. pbuilder does not work but
has patches available which make it work according #363193.
apt #547724 does not work in terms of apt-get build-dep.

Right now I guess apt is the one which has no support and I plan to do
something about it :)
Once that is resolved I there should be no problems with the wildcards.



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