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Missing socketoptions in kfreebsd.

Hello all,

as of lately I am porting linux-ftpd to build also for GNU/kfreebsd
and GNU/Hurd. This is the natural step after imposing IPv6 capability
to said server. As a side note I do use regular FreeBSD at leisure
since a couple of years back, so I am somewhat prepared for GNU/kfreebsd.

However, I so far have encountered two socket options that call
for code changes.

  * IP_TOS does work for IPv4, but not for IPv6, since setsockopt()
    complains at every effort to use this option. Therefore I am now
    using code that simply inhibits the setting of IP_TOS for IPv6.

  * More serious is the fact that IP_PORTRANGE as implemented under
    __GLIBC__ and kfreebsd, calls for a disection into IP_PORTRANGE
    and IPV6_PORTRANGE in order to preserve functionality.

At the moment these seem to be the only changes needed for the upcoming
linux-ftpd_0.17-31 to serve also GNU/kfreebsd. At least these two
alterations let me use ftpd in a QEMU instance of kfreebsd-i386.
Testing will continue to disclose further mistakes.

Should anyone feel like commenting on these or to suggest additional changes,
do not hesitate to do so.

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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