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Bug#577494: ppp progress tracked on the mailing list and ITP

So I'm really puzzled about what to do with PPP at this point. It's part
of the unofficial freebsd-hackedutils, which I didn't know when I
started working on an official package for it (ITP #574789, in CC).

I have a mostly working package for freebsd-ppp at this point. I'm just
a bit of polishing and for the package to actually be uploaded
somewhere. I would think it wiser and simpler to have a separate package
for this than have it merged into the big "freebsd-utils" slump, but I
may be wrong...

At any rate, I think PPP progress should be tracked in the ITP instead
of here (#577494). If we don't want a separate package, that ITP should
be closed with explanations, if we do, I would very much welcome help
and feedback, especially to get that darn PPPoE working. :)

I'm tracking the status of that last bit through the mailing list:


... but that shouldn't keep the package from being uploaded. I will not,
however, be likely to maintain the package if the PPPoE issues aren't
resolved, as I do not use plain old PPP at all right now.

Thanks for the help,


Antoine Beaupré
Réseau Koumbit Networks

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