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Re: Fixing the Debian Installer

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (25/04/2010):
> d-i images hadn't been uploaded for quite some weeks after some
> changes on the d-i.d.o machine. Thanks to Andreas Barth, the needed
> magic was performed there, and images have been updated to today's
> builds for both kfreebsd-*.
> Feel free to report outdated builds (i.e. daily/ symlink being too
> old) here, should that happen in the future.

I tried the latest daily image:
and it failed (on real hardware, not a virtual machine)
during the stage "installing the base system".

What is the latest image that is known to work?

Also note that /daily-images/kfreebsd-i386/
still fail to build monolithic.



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