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a ptrace.h problem in debian-kfreebsd

hi guys,

    I'm a developer of a package in Debian, recently I'm told that my package won't build on debian-kfreebsd anymore.
    Then I tried, even a previous version won't build. And the problem is about the ptrace.h file. PTRACE_PEEKDATA was not defined there.

    So in linux, these macro are named PTRACE_PEEKDATA, PTRACE_POKEDATA and etc, and in FreeBSD, those are called PT_READ_D and etc. In debian-kfreebsd, you'll see "PTRACE_PEEKDATA" in `man ptrace`, but in the header file 'sys/ptrace.h', you can see only PT_READ_D there. In my ubuntu machine, I found that PT_READ_D-like names are still there, where PTRACE_PEEKDATA-like names are defined as alias there.

    I wonder which one should debian-kfreebsd follow, but I believe an set of alias will be needed, otherwise everybody will need a dirty hack for it.

     Is this a but, or am I wrong?

   - Lu

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