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Problem with tinyproxy's testsuite


I recently uploaded tinyproxy 1.8.1 to unstable, and it failed to build
on kfreebsd-* due to errors in the testsuite.

As you can see in

the testsuite starts a basic perl webserver and the built tinyproxy binary,
but neither seem to accept connections from the perl webclient.

Either the client isn't working as expected in this architecture, or the
daemons are not listening on their port.

I tried to fiddle around in asdfasdf, but I'm running out of time today to
try to figure out things. For a start, I don't even know what the equivalent
of "netstat -tulpn" is with the BSD tools. :)

I'm currently lurking on #debian-bsd, if that helps.

Thanks in advance,
Jordi Mallach Pérez  --  Debian developer     http://www.debian.org/
jordi@sindominio.net     jordi@debian.org     http://www.sindominio.net/
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