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Re: porting userland ppp to kfreebsd

> As far as I know, there's currently no possibility of doing PPP or PPPoE
> in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. I'd like to see that fixed.
> So I've started trying to port the userland ppp daemon from FreeBSD 8.0:

> I guess the next step is to make a package out of this thing... Any
> suggestions on how I should proceed? I'm generally familiar with Debian
> packaging, but I wonder if there are any kfreebsd-specific tricks,
> especially since here there's no upstream tarball and a good few patches
> (I'm not used to the new quilt stuff...)
> I would also appreciate help on how to manage a package through SVN or
> SVK.

We have shared SVN on alioth, see

In the case of ppp, the source is already included
in freebsd-utils source package ;-)

You could start with "apt-get get source freebsd-utils",
add your patch, alter debian/rules, ...

The r/w access to our SVN can be obtained by joining via


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