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integrating Debian GNU/kFreeBSD into InstallingDebianOn?

Hi all,

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With the upcoming Debian squeeze release, the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port
will be available in release form. As such, the installation of it on
specific machines will be a candidate for documentation in the
InstallingDebianOn section of the wiki. InstallingDebianOn is an effort
to document how to install, configure and use Debian on some specific


Until now, all the guides were written for Debian GNU/Linux, so I am
wondering how to integrate kFreeBSD into the new guides that will be
written for squeeze. As an example, here is my primary machine:


When squeeze is released I'll probably do a new install on a spare hard
drive to test installation again and ensure nothing is different to
lenny. I'll probably try installing Debian GNU/kFreeBSD too, to see how
the hardware support is going. I'm currently thinking that a second
column for kFreeBSD could be added to the Overall Status section of the
template and the Configuration section split up into Debian GNU/Linux
and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD sub-sections.


Also, I'm wondering if the pages for specific releases should be merged
into one page? The tweeks could be marked as specific to a release. 

PS: promotion of and contribution to InstallingDebianOn is highly



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