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d-i broken to due deboostrap unable to install traceroute-nanog


It seems that the debian-installer is currently broken (all versions), as debootstrap fails to install the base system. Looking at the logs it looks like it tries to install traceroute-nanog, which is now a dummy package to install the "real" traceroute package, which doesn't exists on kFreeBSD :(

As I install in a virtualbox with only a NATed network, I have currently problems saving the logs somewhere else to provide you with it.

So far for the problem report, but I would be very glad for a intermediate work around... CeBIT is coming near and we wanted to show that there.

otavio mentioned on irc, that you could exclude packages preseeding base-installer/excludes. But I'm not sure how to preseed the kfreebsd installer; just adding it after the kernel line didn't seem to work. So any help getting a kFreeBSD (amd64 or i386) image running in virtualbox would be much appreciated and will result in at least one free beer when we meet again.

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