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Some more questions from my kFreeBSD talk at FOSDEM


since the network broke down at FOSDEM while editing the FAQ at
http://wiki.debian.org/Debian_GNU/kFreeBSD_FAQ, I forgot to add one
more question. But since I could and can only answer them partially I
would like to ask them here first before adding them to the FAQ in the

Q. Are the kernel patches needed to make Debian GNU/kFreeBSD work
   given back to FreeBSD?

A. Yes, but not all are accepted. (Answer came from FreeBSD guys in
   the auditorium. :-)

Q2: Why?

My guess for one reason is path changes unsuitable for FreeBSD itself.
But it's really just a guess and I'm neither sure if that's really the
case (i.e. if those patches have been sumbitted) nor if those were the
only rejected patches.

I'm also not totally satisfied with the answers given so far, e.g.:

| Q. Do standard programs run under Debian GNU/kFreeBSD using the Linux
| Compatibility Layer?
| A. No. 

Q. Why not?


Oh, And Petr: I would rephrase that question back to "Do _Linux_
programs run under Debian GNU/kFreeBSD using the Linux Compatibility
Layer?" I have no idea what you meant with "standard" programs.

		Regards, Axel
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