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Installation report(kfreebsd-i386)


I tried to install yersteday with the d-i.debian.org mini.iso (kfrebsd-i386) built february the 15th.

When i tried to install grub i had an error regarding python2.6-minimal and grub2 refused to be installed.

I tried to work around through a chroot and some dpkg --force-all without any success.

And when i did an apt-get -f install i discovered a lot of errors like in Bug#565109: GNU/kFreeBSD: Sorry, update-binfmts currently only works on Linux.

I could install must of then through dpkg --force-all except the package mono-runtime and python2.6-minimal.

Any idea how to install Grub with the installer ?
Or telling me the command lines to use in the chroot ?


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