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Re: Bug#460331: still have this problem on kfreebsd-i386

But looking at poor field.debian.org
188847.15 673325.21
cpu 119994 4473784 3539322 2746621

The second number first line is idle seconds, the 4th number is idle
ticks. See linprocfs_dostat() and linprocfs_douptime().
If its relationship is 100 then one is 100 times the other.
It's not, it's about 4 times.

How much cores (CPUs) does field.debian.org have ?
My guess is 4.

(gdb) p  673325 * 133 * 100 / 133
$5 = 2746525

The 32-bit overflow during calculation is responsible
for remaining problem.

The GNU/kFreeBSD internal counters run at 133
(stathz from "sysctl kern.clockrate").
Linux used to use 100, the emulation recalculates the value.

In mean time please use "100" as hardcoded value of HZ for GNU/kFreeBSD.

The long term solution would be to improve linux /proc emulation,
may be drop the recalculation completely and directly use stathz.


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