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Re: Detecting kfreebsd kernel while compiling

Now I have found that config.guess should detect the right build system.
I have compared my to outputs of config.guess:

* on my system with linux kernel: i686-pc-linux-gnu

* on my (virtual) system kfreebsd kernel: i686-unknown-kfreebsd7.2-gnu

Perhaps this the problem: the name is 'kfreebsd7.2' and not 'kfreebsd'

Any ideas ?

What and where exactly do you want to test ?

Iff you want to test inside some C file, as shown by your example
you have to test

#if defined (__FreeBSD_kernel__) || defined (__FreeBSD__) || defined (__linux__)


#if defined (__GLIBC__) || defined (__linux__)

Iff you want to test in some configure.ac

   case $host_os in


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