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Bug#559647: aborts when making a filesystem larger than 2048 MiB

Robert Millan a écrit :
> Package: ufsutils
> Version: 7.2-3
> Severity: important
> mkfs aborts when making a filesystem larger than 2048 MiB.  This
> size limit (equivalent to INT32_MAX sectors) seems to indicate that
> it's using 32-bit signed types to measure number of blocks instead
> of unsigned 64-bit.

It actually aborts at 1 TiB (2^31 sectors * 512 bytes).

The problem is that ufsutils uses daddr_t to represent the block number
on the disk. This is supposed to be the "type of a disk address", but is
defined as signed 32-bit in the Linux kernel, and signed 64-bit in the
FreeBSD kernel.

The GNU libc type matches the Linux kernel type on GNU/Linux systems,
and the FreeBSD libc type also matches the FreeBSD kernel.

I have modified the GNU libc type on GNU/kFreeBSD to match the kernel
definition fixing this bug (after a rebuild) on this platform. For
GNU/Linux, we will probably have to modify ufsutils sources.

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