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Bug 564232 and 561121 related to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD near to be fixed

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Hi everybody,

I'm new to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and I came to it in order to solve a
FTBFS bug (561121) in package polyorb. Bug 561121 is a consequence of
bug 564232 (in gnat-4.4). I have found a fix for 564232 (tested up to
packaging) and there is two solutions for me now :
   - 1/ don't touch to gnat-4.4 and apply a work-around for 561121
   - 2/ modify gnat-4.4 on kfreebsd (amd64 and i386) and upload again
        all packages depending on gnat-4.4

The first solution is simpler from an upload point of view but 564232
may have impact on others Ada packages which need to bind sockets
(libaws for example).

Second solution have my preference (better fix a bug than apply work
arounds, I beg your pardon for this purist point of view :) ) but for
this I need the help of a DD on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD for uploading all
the recompiled packages and also for guidelines on how to proceed on
this port.

I have a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD amd64 at hand for recompiling all the
packages that need so (is chroot for i386 OK ?).

Is there a Debian Developer from this list willing to help/mentor me for
closing this bug ?

Thanks in advance, xavier
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