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Re: installation fails

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 10:24:57PM +0200, Anton Andreev wrote:
> Hello,
> After the debian kfreeBSD installer reboots the system then then first boot fails.
> Does anyone has the same problem?

This is due to a bug in initramfs, that mounts a tmpfs filesystem over
/dev (as on GNU/Linux), it used to be workarounded in freebsd-utils, but
a bug now prevents the workaround to work.

The bug is fixed in freebsd-utils from unstable, but the package still 
needs to migrate into testing. In the meanwhile, it is possible to 
workaround the problem by running "ln -s /proc/mtab /target/etc/mtab"
in the d-i terminal (using alt-f2), at the end of the installation,
and before rebooting.

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