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Bug#560127: freebsd-utils: Mounting /sys unconditionally breaks pbuilder --create

Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> (09/12/2009):
> Given that on GNU/Linux /etc/init.d/mountkernfs also mounts /sys, we
> should try to understand why there is no problem there, and use the
> same solution.

I believe 8.x FreeBSD kernels might be the cause of the issue I
reported, adjusting *time as the files are read. Leading tar to
believe they're being modified. Just a guess, though.

I've opened #560332 against pbuilder to get /sys (and maybe /proc, one
never knows) excluded from the tarball, and/or umounted if there are
non-empty directories in the directory about to be tar'd.


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