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Purpose driving kfreebsd?

Hey guys,

I think it's awesome that you have done this, and that Debian is
supporting it as official port. I was looking for FAQs and such, do
you have any? Basically I want to learn about why as much as the
technical what driving this port.

I'd also love to see if anyone is interested in giving a techncial
presentation in New York City on kfreebsd at a user group meeting in
Q1 2010. If someone is available that would be great, otherwise, I
plan to learn about kfreebsd and potentially give the preso myself.
The target of the preso would be both Linux and BSD users. (And all
interested parties).

Basically I get the sense that most folks are like me, in that they
know it exists, they just don't really know anyone who uses it, nor do
they understand why someone would use it. (Over plain Debian or


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