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Re: Status of VDR on non-Linux architectures

Cyril Brulebois wrote:

> I'm wondering what the proper course of action is for all vdr-*
> packages. Some of them got built on kfreebsd-*, but I guess it's
> mostly by chance, and that they're not going to be useful on their
> own. AFAICT, vdr is quite Linux-centric, so it might make sense to
> mark all vdr-* packages as Linux-specific through the P-a-s list, and
> get rid of the already built binary packages.

As nobody else answered yet, I'll try to:

I'm not sure, if it makes much sense to have VDR on any architecture othe=
 than i386/amd64. But I know that VDR runs on FreeBSD and other
architectures and probably a hand full of people really uses VDR there,
even if it's only used as a streaming client.

Besides this - I'm not a BSD user, so I can't decide whether it makes
sense to have a VDR for kfreebsd or not.

The people more involved with the kfreebsd port (like) should decide this=

and it might be a good idea to ask on debian-devel too.



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