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[URGENT] non-linux devroom at FOSDEM


FYI, from #hurd (freenode), a few hours ago:

| <mmu_man>
|   http://groups.google.com/group/rosetta-os/browse_thread/thread/f3b0bcf874ca5cd9/8366b630272cb94e#8366b630272cb94e
|   Fwd: [haiku-development] non-linux devroom at FOSDEM ?
| <mmu_man> I'm trying to organize a shared "non-linux freesoftware OS"
|   devroom at FOSDEM this year
| <mmu_man> the idea didn't pick up last year but maybe this time... the
|   FOSDEM team is trying to group linux distros in less rooms, maybe we
|   can get one for us to gather
| <mmu_man> we could have talks about driver & app porting, share design
|   concerns...
| <mmu_man> I can talk about OSSv4 porting I did to Haiku...
| <mmu_man> if anyone wants to participate, please read and fill the form
|   on the fosdem website, before sunday 22nd :)
| <mmu_man> (btw, this Rosetta OS group was created recently after a
|   "non-linux" meetup at the GSoC mentor summit to try to share efforts
|   in driver writing, currently some people from Haiku, Minix and RTEMS
|   are visible there)


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