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Re: Daily built image failing at install software stage

I used the daily built d-I mini.iso for amd64 in qemu. The installation
failed at setup and install software stage. I tried installing grub, which
also failed (I ran debian-installer from a console).
I tried to boot it with boot from harddisk option of the installer, but qemu
failed with trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM message.

Any suggestions?

I have so far not been able to install gnu/kfreebsd. I have tried virtual
box and kvm with the earlier image using freebsd installer but none could
complete the installation. Virtual box also failed. My system is x86_64
running 64bit fedora.

I can help with testing the amd64 installers.

Which qemu do you have ? I have had trouble with 0.9,
but 0.10.5 with kqemu runs fine both i386/amd64 GNU/kFreeBSD.

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