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Re: IPv6, insserv, netstat and hald/X.org with 8.0 kernel


So the wrapper does not to support IPv6.

Anyone working on this? If not I would try to get IPv6 support into
it, but a comment about the reason for and the ideas behind the
wrapper from its author would be helpful.

I am not the author, but the idea have been to provide compat layer to be able to use ifupdown package unmodified.

What's the current policy regarding FTBFS on kfreebsd? Report them?
Reopen them if they claim to be fixed, but don't report new ones?

My suggestion would be:

- for never existing packages report new-one only with patches or recipes
- for regression reopen or create new report even without patch

I noticed the following problems:

insserv throws a lot of error messages during the installation of
packages having an init.d script.

Insserv tries to use *at interfaces.
Do you have your /etc "bind mounted" or something like that ?
Does rebuilding of insserv against eglibc 2.10 help ?

netstat still comes from the package freebsd-hackedutils of the
debian-ports unreleased archive, but since AFAIK the freebsd route
command can't display the current list of routes it's the only way I
know to display the current routing table. (So basically the question
here is "what we'll do for displaying routing tables tables" instead
of "why netstat from FreeBSD 6.1 behaves strange on an 8.0 kernel".

The freebsd-hackedutils currently provides:


The netstat and kdump are the most needed binaries to be "ported".
The sources are already in freebsd-utils source packages,
the right way is to remove comment in debian/rules and write needed patches ;-)


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