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Problem with the port of Debian/kfreeBSD Installer


I have experienced a problem with the debian installer for Debian/kfreeBSD
The install process is from a mounted ISO file and it is a network install.
I think I have used this build: http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/kfreebsd-i386/20091028-11:20/monolithic/mini.iso

System is 7.2-1-486

It all worked well until it reached "apt-get config" -> "Select and Install software" and then freezed at 1% for a long time and it does nothing. I do not think it will ever reach 2%. The system is still responsive, but seems like nothing is happening - nor disk or network activity.

The system is a Virtual Box image, but a previous image of the mini.iso have worked fine before and I haven't changed anything to the virtual machine, neither I have upgrade it.


Anton Andreev

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