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FTBFS of coreutils 7.5


the current coreutils FTBFS in current environment.
The failure of "rm" test is due to our "best effort"
emulation of *at syscalls. The rebuild of coreutils 7.4
fails in the similar way.

It will suffice to declare them as stubs in eglibc,
as they have been previously. We might change it later,
when only 8.0+ kernels with native *at syscalls
should be supported.

The remaining failures are in tail:
FAIL: tail-2/pid
FAIL: tail-2/wait
FAIL: tail-2/pid (exit: 1)
FAIL: tail-2/wait (exit: 1)

These tests are completely new in 7.5, the NEWS file states

  tail --follow now uses inotify when possible, to be more responsive
  to file changes and more efficient when monitoring many files.

Inotify is of course not available on GNu/kFreeBSD.


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