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Re: kFreeBSD progress report week 8

On 20/07/2009, Luca Favatella <slackydeb@gmail.com> wrote:
> While debugging netcfg, I discovered that "/var/log/syslog" is not
> created, even manually executing syslogd. Currently, in d-i, BusyBox
> syslogd is used.

My mentor solved this. See:

> Even without syslogd working, I managed to go forward in netcfg debug
> manually running "dhclient ed0" [din3] (thanks to Julián Moreno
> Patiño): the "ip" command is not found, because the dhclient-script
> used in the dhcp3-client udeb is Linux specific; on the deb package,
> there is a different script for GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/Linux, but the
> GNU/kFreeBSD version needs "ifconfig" and "route". I considered
> porting and switching to BusyBox udhcpc.
> In the next two weeks I should (still)
> * get network configuration working
> * get udeb download and installation working
> For that I should work on
> * BusyBox
>  + udhcpc

It seems that all DHCP clients (dhcp3-client and busybox udhcpc) need
other binaries, i.e.
* "ip", or
* "ifconfig" + "route"

I think the right way to get things work should be having a working
BusyBox "ip" command on GNU/kFreeBSD. Any comment?

Help on this, i.e. porting Busybox "ip" on GNU/kFreeBSD, is highly appreciated.
It should be possible to test it (the deb, not the udeb) in the main
system, only hacking BusyBox package, without having to build a d-i

>  + syslogd

No need to work on syslogd, as I wrote above.

Luca Favatella

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