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KDE / GNOME status


so, once hal is fixed (which should hopefully happen soon), one should
get xorg-server. Once qt4-x11 (fixed package is in NEW), one can
consider kde4libs. There's still avahi on the way, as you can see one
the attached picture, showing Build-Depends (B-D:), Depends (D:), and
binary/source relationships (from:).

A possible way of getting rid of the cycle is to do a manual build of
pygtk by installing gnome-icon-theme without its librsvg2-common
dependency (so that has to be a manual build so that the dependency can
be broken). Once that done, avahi, gnome-vfs, libgsf, and librsvg build
properly one after each other. I also rebuilt pygtk after having
installed librsvg2-common, and no differences showed up when comparing
against the previously built binaries.

That should help get kde4libs (build is currently running), thus some
parts of KDE.

ISTR (but that's still to be verified) that librsvg was on the list of
the blockers for libgnome* packages, so some bits of GNOME should become
available too as a consequence.

That's it for now.


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