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Re: boost there.

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (02/07/2009):
> although it built, -lboost_python and -lboost_filesystem aren't found
> in polybori and sfftobmp respectively. Will try and investigate later,
> I just wanted to let you know about its not-perfect-yet state.

Bleh, better when one checks the BTS. :) Were built against 1.34 or
similar (we have 1.38 now), and bugs were opened. I'm currently
uploading fixed packages. So it looks like “our” boost is functional.
Sorry for the noise.

I'm wondering where this comes from, though. Umask stuff? Happened both
with a local boost build on a porterbox and on the buildd. I guess it's
not a big deal, but running “debdiff” across archs (e.g. kfreebsd-i386
vs. i386) leads to false positives, so it's still annoying:
| Files in second .deb but not in first (that is: on kfreebsd-i386)
| -------------------------------------
| lrwxr-xr-x  root/root   /usr/lib/libboost_date_time-mt-d.so -> libboost_date_time-mt-d.so.1.38.0
| [and other files]
| Files in first .deb but not in second (that is: on i386)
| -------------------------------------
| lrwxrwxrwx  root/root   /usr/lib/libboost_date_time-mt-d.so -> libboost_date_time-mt-d.so.1.38.0
| [and other files]


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