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Re: catch 22 - manual upload of qt4-x11 for GNU/kFreeBSD needed

Hi again.

phonon  Build-Depends on libqt4-dev
qt4-x11 Build-Depends on libphonon-dev

Therefore a manual build of qt4-x11 will be needed for both GNU/kFreeBSD
architectures. All others Build-Depends of qt4-x11 are available.

Unfortunately this is not yet possible, as the build-dependencies of
phonon are not all available. We are facing a lot bigger
build-dependency loop through avahi and pulseaudio and maybe gnome.
It looks like the next things to get is all the build-dependencies of
xine-lib that are not in the big build-depends loop.

I thought, it is possible to install "all others Build-Depends of qt4-x11"
from debian.org, install libphonon-dev and its dependents (libphonon4,
libqt*4*) from debian-ports.org, build qt4-x11 and upload it into debian.org.

From debian/rules of qt4-x11:

		-phonon \
		-no-phonon-backend \

	# Use system phonon
        rm -f lib/*phonon* debian/tmp/usr/lib/*phonon*

So it looks like whole purpose of Build-Depends on libphonon-dev is
to get Dependency lines for libqt4-webkit and qt4-demos packages.


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