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Re: VLC build on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

jamego1293@andaluciajunta.es <jamego1293@andaluciajunta.es> (29/06/2009):
> Hi,


> I'm building the 'vlc' package from experimental on kfreebsd-i386.
> Vlc fails to build because there are some alsa libraries
> (libaccess_alsa_plugin.so) that are inside of debian/vlc-nox.install
> because in the file debian/rules there is an error:
>  sed -e '/lib\(alsa\|dvb\|v4l\|pvr\)_/d' debian/vlc-nox.install
> wich must be:
>  sed -e '/\(lib\|libaccess_\)\(alsa\|dvb\|v4l\|v4l2\|pvr\)_/d'
> debian/vlc-nox.install

thanks for that, will check when I have a moment.

> There are another error; when is installed libfluidsynth-dev, VLC
> compiles with fluidsynth support, and the build fails, because there
> isn't any package defined for this plugin.
> Are those errors bugs? Should I report those errors at
> bugs.debian.org?

I think it is, building in a “strictly minimum environment” and in
another one with more build dependencies should result in the same
build. I guess it's sufficient to pass an option to disable explicitly
the build of this plugin, and I'd file it with severity important.


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