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Re: Bug#534019: libbsd-arc4random-perl: FTBFS: arc4rnd_xs.c:167: error: expected ')' before string constant

tags 534019 +pending

Lucas Nussbaum dixit:

>On 21/06/09 at 16:13 +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> Lucas Nussbaum dixit:
>> >> arc4rnd_xs.c: At top level:
>> >> arc4rnd_xs.c:167: error: expected ')' before string constant
>> Could you please try the attached patch? If it works with it,
>> blame it on the number of brokennesses in gcc increasing along-
>> side with its version numbers.
>no, doesn't fix the problem.

Okay, I got it, can reproduce it on i386 sid after a dist-upgrade.
The problem was introduced by l̲i̲b̲b̲s̲d̲ because it defines __RCSID now
(to emptiness, which is not good either) and __FBSDID but neither
__SCCSID (for example) nor __IDSTRING (which triggers the problem).

//mirabilos, looking angrily into the general libbsd direction
In traditional syntax ' is ignored, but in c99 everything between two ' is
handled as character constant.  Therefore you cannot use ' in a preproces-
sing file in c99 mode.	-- Ragge
No faith left in ISO C99, undefined behaviour, and C compiler authors.

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