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Re: GNU/kFreeBSD packages in the Debian archive [status-1]

Heya again,

for those following at home, a quick summary (and an updated Subject to
help people find it back when they need it).

Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> (07/06/2009):
> We are also being (or will get) blocked by some build failures. They
> are currently:
> - openssl

Worked around, real fix on its way (#532336).

> - coreutils

Buildd setup changed AFAICT, possibly something to change within dpkg,
dpkg maintainer's opinion asked, packages built.

> - fftw3

Wider issue than just kbsd, with extra thread-related pain.

> - esound (bug already filled)

Maintainer pinged (through IRC), explaining that it's important for us
to get an upload soon (#532092).

> - net-snmp (due to libbsd, but being worked on)

Where can one follow the progress on this one? I saw some missing
members in a structure, should the library have those, or should their
use be made conditional in net-snmp? (I didn't look at the code at all,
just wondering which side ought to be fixed.)

> - libattr/libacl (I'll send a separate mail about those ones).

Patches sent upstream for libattr (#531950), upstream asked some more
things to Petr.


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