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Bug#532627: kfreebsd-image-7.2-1-amd64: biarch support broken

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 07:44:50PM +0200, Petr Salinger wrote:
>> Severity: grave
>> Justification: renders package unusable
> I would just say "important" as it prevents only 32-bit binaries to work,
> 64-bit binaries works for me for weeks ...

This prevents almost all biarch packages to be built, including glibc, gcc,
gcj, gdc, etc. I had to downgrade the kernel on the build daemons to
version 7.1 to get those packages built. 

>> If .note.ABI-tag contains among other things "FreeBSD", the FreeBSD
>> execution environment is used, while if it contains "GNU", the Linux
>> execution environment is used. Our binaries contains "GNU" as on
>> plain GNU/Linux, which breaks 32-bit support.
>> While we could remove/move this new check, this clearly differs from
>> upstream. Any other idea?
> They are checking the .note.ABI-tag in a bad way.
> They should not only check the "GNU", but also whether OS field matches,
> see [1], [2], [3].
> The OS field is 0 for GNU/Linux and 3 for GNU/kFreeBSD, see [2].
> The FreeBSD project decided to use different layout of the .note.ABI-tag, 
> see [4].
> The proper solution would be to teach FreeBSD to check GNU notes properly.
> I would just comment out the new check. In fact, we already differ from  
> orginal FreeBSD due to debian/patches/010_ET_DYN.diff.

I am fine with removing the check for now (or maybe removing
BI_BRAND_NOTE from sys/amd64/linux32/linux32_sysvec.c), I was more
speaking about a more long term solution that may be merged upstream,
like checking the OS field correctly.

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