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Re: Xorg7.4 doesn't work

Alex Musatti a écrit :
> Hi
> this week i succesfully reintalled GNU/kFreeBSD and Xorg 7.4 with:
> apt-get install xorg
> with default apt source:
> http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian
> but when i try to start xorg the screen stayes black and i must to reboot 
> the system.
> the only error that i could find in xorg log is:
> (EE) config/hal: couldn't initialise context: (null) ((null))
> I think that xorg needs hal to work correctly but hal is not suitable for 
> kFreeBSD.

Newer versions of xorg needs hal, but hal should now work on
GNU/kFreeBSD. Are you sure it is running?

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