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Re: libattr/libacl

Hi all,

One of the current blocker of numerous of packages are libattr and
libacl (see my previous email). There used to build correctly on
GNU/kFreeBSD, but that's not the case anymore.

A closer look shows that even if they were building correctly, they
could no work on GNU/kFreeBSD: libattr is using the syscalls number
from Linux...

Not exactly. The libattr does use syscalls directly only on Linux,
it tries to use libc on other systems. It currently does not build
on GNU/kFreeBSD due to #531950. Glibc provides these functions as stubs.
For the 1st pass is sufficient to apply fix from #531950, later we can implement the needed functionality in our glibc.

This should suffice to break buildd loops. Some day later
we can really provide support for attr and ACLs.


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