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Re: WPA / fwip?

David Given wrote:
> For the second, the supplied FreeBSD kernel only appears to include the
> fwe driver, which is alas non-standard. I'd need the fwip driver in
> order to interoperate with Linux. Is there any reason why fwip isn't
> built other than that nobody's needed it before --- as it is rather
> niche?

FWIW, now solved; the installer CD gave me kernel 6.0, which doesn't
support fwip, but 7.0 does. I installed that off a memory stick and it
all worked fine.

However: on my hardware, the 6.0 kernel was horribly unstable ---
crashing every couple of hours and usually causing filesystem
corruption. That *could* just be my old hardware; it's an old Toshiba
notebook, and they're notoriously weird. But 7.0 seems to be rock solid.

More interestingly, after such a crash, it would reboot, restart, fsck
the file system, and then panic a bit later with a filesystem
inconsistency. It would appear that the startup fsck wasn't doing
anything. What's more, trying to reboot into single user mode didn't
have any obvious effect --- the startup procedure looked identical to
multiuser mode. I'd have to hammer CTRL+C during boot to make it give me
a maintenance prompt.

Are there any known issues with single-user mode?

David Given

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