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WPA / fwip?

I'd like to experient with d/bsd as I think it's an extremely
interesting idea, and one I've been looking for for a while.

Unfortunately, my test hardware is rather elderly and is a bit lacking
in ports. This means that my only networking options are wireless, and
I'm a WPA shop not a WEP one, or else --- wait for it --- ethernet over
Firewire. (Or a serial cable, but I'd really rather not go there.)

For the first, does d/bsd support WPA yet? I notice that there seems to
be no wpasupplicant package.

For the second, the supplied FreeBSD kernel only appears to include the
fwe driver, which is alas non-standard. I'd need the fwip driver in
order to interoperate with Linux. Is there any reason why fwip isn't
built other than that nobody's needed it before --- as it is rather
niche? If not, can anyone point me at a guide on how to build and
install my own kernel?

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