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Re: [patch] Blender on Debian GNU/KFreeBSD

Hi Luca,

(cc-ing you since I'm not sure you're on the list, sorry for a possible

Luca Favatella <slackydeb@gmail.com> (06/10/2008):
> (I CCed the blender package mantainer. I hope it is not a mistake.)

not at all. Anyway, I happen to read this list as well. :-)

> I installed the version of Blender in Debian repositories.
> The Blender package in Debian GNU/KFreeBSD is out of sync with the
> GNU/Linux version, as showed at [Blender Debian unstable] (2.45 vs.
> 2.46).

Yes, sorry for that.

> Starting the Game Engine (pressing P) crashes the version of Blender
> in Debian GNU/KFreeBSD; instead it doesn't crash that in Debian
> GNU/Linux (I tried it on a Debian GNU/Linux x86 32 bit computer).

I'll try and reproduce that as soon as I get back a direct access to my
GNU/kFreeBSD box.

> The problem was that the GNU/KFreeBSD support patch had been disabled
> because needing updating, as you can read from [Blender package
> changelog]. I report here the interesting part.
>    * debian/patches/10_gnukfreebsd_support:
>       - Disable it, needs update.
> I updated the patch.

Yes, it needed some work, and real life ate all my time until recently,
that's still on my todolist, though.

> The reason of the build failure was this (as you can read from
> [Blender package changelog]). I report here the interesting part.
>    * Use the system-wide FTGL library instead of the embedded one
> But the compilation fails almost at the end, and I don't understand
> why... Here is the last part of the build log:
> Linking program ==> 'blender'
> build/linux2/lib/libblender_creator.a(creator.o): In function `main':
> /home/user/debian/blender-2.46+dfsg/source/creator/creator.c:281:
> undefined reference to `zLhm65070058860608_br_init'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

As I said, I'll look into it ASAP.

> Can you please try to sync the package of Blender in Debian
> GNU/KFreeBSD with that in Debian GNU/Linux?

I'm currently waiting for 2.48 to be released (due since some days), and
I'll package it for experimental, including an updated GNU/kFreeBSD

> I describe here what I modified to advance from the configuration
> error to the compilation error (I am referring to Blender package
> 2.46+dfsg-4).

Thank you for that.

BTW, usually one uses “diff -u” which provides with an even nicer
output. ;-)

Oh, and I'm really pleased someone at least uses Blender on GNU/kFreeBSD
and that my previous patches weren't totally useless. ;-)


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