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Header changes for FreeBSD's libc ?

Hello guys;

I've been following your project for a while (although I've not been very
constant). I am not a FreeBSD committer or anything like that but I do think
there are excellent benefits for both camps in what you are doing: in
particular it can only be good for FreeBSD to be able to build and use other
libc's out of the box.

I found this (almost certainly outdated) posting on glibc's list:

I just checked in my BSD sources and I found that at least 5 of the mentioned
functions should be elsewhere according to POSIX. I filed PR standards/123688
so that at least there is some record that those functions should be moved in
those headers. I would like to encourage you guys to submit a follow up
(patches welcome) to address the POSIX compatibility issues that might be a
problem for building glibc.

Also please note, glibc has some non-standard behaviour that won't be accepted
upstream, especially if they collide with BSD legacy code. I think we could
have something in the base like ifdef GLIBC_SOURCES but that could be done

best regards,


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