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glib2.0, libsoup2.4 and gvfs on GNU/kFreeBSD

> Could you (or someone else) try building glib2.0, libsoup2.4 and gvfs
> from experimental on GNU/kFreeBSD, in that order? I'd like to know if
> there's something to fix before these can go to unstable :)

glib2.0 (2.15.6-1) builds fine for me. Compared to failed experimental buildd log,
I used newer glibc and it have been built under kernel based on FreeBSD 7.0, not 6.x one.
The threadpool-test still FAILS.

libsoup2.4 (2.3.4-1) builds fine for me.  

gvfs (0.1.8-1) does not build.
libfuse-dev is linux specific package,  gvfs should not build-depend on it on non-linux platform.
I would guess gvfs-fuse binary package should be also linux specific. 
Unfortunately, we do not have  "libhal-dev (>= 0.5.10)", our 0.5.9-2+kbsd is not sufficient.
The patch http://glibc-bsd.alioth.debian.org/patches/hal.diff does not provide working hald,
so it have not yet been submitted in any BTS.
We have to update our libvolume-id and hal before gvfs can be built.


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