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Re: New install CD needed

Joshua Cummings a écrit :
> Hi

> Looks like it's about time for a new install CD image. 
> The current release is from almost a year ago and obviously defaults to
> GNUAB. An updated sources.list is clearly the biggest benefit, along
> with a possible 6.3 kernel. 

> Who's in charge of generating the install images these days? 

I usually generate them.

> Hopefully they've got some spare time to upload a new build. :)

I will try to find some time during the weke-end, but nothing guaranteed.

> How are we making the install CD anyway? Is it just a GNU/kFreeBSD base
> tarball thrown in to the standard FreeBSD release CD build process?

The scripts to generate the install CDs are in the SVN. However I admit
they aren't very easy to use.


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