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Re: Recompiling the kernel

I'm a new user to kFreeBSD, and I've been trying to figure out how to
recompile the kernel. I downloaded the kFreeBSD-source package,
compiled (with some difficulty) the config program under
sys/usr.sbin/config, but then am stuck trying to use that config
program. It currently keeps telling me:

"no ident line specified"

Am I supposed to be using a custom config with the kFreeBSD config
command? Or is there a more automatic way to recompile the kernel?

I only have some hints for you.
You have to have installed build depends of kfreebsd-7 or kfreebsd-6, namely freebsd6-buildutils flex-old libbsd-dev.

Also please take a look at

MAKE            := make MACHINE_ARCH=$(cpu) CC=gcc-3.4 WERROR=
PATH            := $(CURDIR)/config:/usr/lib/freebsd:$(PATH)

and targets config: and build-flavor-%-stamp:

Hope it helps


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