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Re: gtk 2.0 build fails in kfreebsd

Herbert P Fortes Neto <h_p_f_n@yahoo.com.br> (02/10/2007):
>  Hi,


>  I've installed Debian/kfreebsd to test wmakerconf running on it but
>  it's not possible to install xserver-xorg-core, etc. Problems with
>  versions.
>  It will be possible to install graphical and gtk2 soon? An estimate?

as you can see on [1], some xserver-xorg packages have to be built. It
looks like only one build daemon is running at the moment, which might
explain the lag. Unfortunately I've no ETA, but hopefully some days
might be sufficient.

 1. http://unstable.buildd.net/buildd/kfreebsd-i386_Building.html


Cyril Brulebois

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