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Fwd: BSDstats Statistics for Aug, 2007 ...

Hi people,

just forwarding to these who were forgotten. MirBSD and DesktopBSD also
have BSDstats turned on by default, although most MirBSD users seem to
disable it in the installer.

http://cvs.mirbsd.de/src/share/misc/bsdstats FWIW

This one is less „portable“ (uses mksh and advanced features) but handles
non-FreeBSD systems better, for instance, it understands MirPorts, pkgsrc,
dpkg and OpenBSD ports (and probably mports, I hope they look like FreeBSD
ports, if not, I can fix that).

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Subject: BSDstats Statistics for Aug, 2007 ... 

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Although I should send this out more often then I do, last month was a 
particularly good month, with *everyone* except for NetBSD going up in numbers 

First off all, for those that aren't aware:

"The mission of this site is to compile semi-accurate numbers for advocacy and 
marketing of the *BSD operating systems."

Through interaction with several system administrators out there, from a 
security / anonymity perspective, we have tried to design things such that we 
save nothing in the database that could be used to compromise  your servers ... 
no hostname, no IP ...

The stats  have also been designed to allow for multiple reporting by the same 
host each month (ie. rebooting your desktop), so it doesn't have to be run just 
on the first of the month.

The web site, although it looks good, is incomplete at this time ... Anthony, 
our 'webmaster' has been a wee bit pre-occupied the past little while, but 
hopes to be able to dive back in again by the end of the month, and clean up 
some of the reports.

To date, we have the following *BSD "distributions" reporting in:


PC-BSD, to the best of our knowledge, is the only one that defaults to enabled, 
while the rest have to be enabled manually.

For FreeBSD users, you just need to install /usr/ports/sysutils/bsdstats to set 
things up.

And that's the "sales pitch" ... over the past few months, we've broken the 
11,000k host mark ...

Since we don't have any 'trend reports' on the site yet, please feel free to 
visit <http://bsdstats.org/os_report.php?lastmonth> to see changes from July -> 
August ...

But, overall for August:

 DesktopBSD        +152.7%
 DragonFly         +  5.3%
 FreeBSD           +  2.7%
 GNU/kFreeBSD      +150.0%
 MidnightBSD       +100.0%
 MirBSD            +190.0%
 NetBSD            -  5.5%
 OpenBSD           + 13.5%
 PC-BSD            +  0.2%
                   +  5.1%

If you aren't participating, we very much encourage you to start ... the report 
script is a shell script, so you can scan it to figure out what, exactly, is 
being sent in .. and there is only one level of reporting that is  required, 
and that is Operating System + Version ... Device and Ports reporting are 100% 
optional ...

For those that are participating ... once more, thank you ... and spread the 
word, we need more reporters :)

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