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Re: Bug report: module-init-tools: depends upon sort and uniq, which are located in /usr

(please Cc me, I'm not on the list, just found it on gmane)

Petr Salinger dixit:

> Proper fix would be write "sort -u" using only /bin a /sbin binaries.

For this task, maybe a uniq-without-sort would be enough. Something like
this (at least works in mksh, maybe it's portable enough for /bin/sh):

--- module-init-tools.orig	Wed May 16 19:05:53 2007
+++ module-init-tools	Wed May 16 19:09:37 2007
@@ -27,12 +27,14 @@ do_start() {
 	for i in load stat unload ; do
 		which kld$i >/dev/null || exit 1
-	modules="`shopt -s nullglob ; cat /etc/modules /etc/modules.d/* \
-		 | sed -e \"s/#.*//g\" -e \"/^\( \|\t\)*$/d\" | sort | uniq`"
-	set -e
-	for i in ${modules} ; do
+	mods=:
+	cat /etc/modules /etc/modules.d/* 2>/dev/null | \
+	    sed -e 's/#.*$//g' -e '/^[	 ]*$/d' | \
+	    while read i; do
+		case $mods in
+		*:$i:*)	continue ;;
+		esac
+		mods=$mods$i:
 		if ! kldstat -n $i >/dev/null 2>/dev/null ; then
 			echo "Loading $i ..."
 			kldload $i || true

I've just tried this and it works for me, maybe I didn't cover corner
cases, but it looks okay, and the autoconf texinfo manual (section
portable shell) tells me there is no additional quoting needed either.

Bonus: the bash-only “shopt” is gone as well!


PS: If you got any other shell scripting tasks, feel free to come to me.
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